How to renew McAfee subscription for free?

McAfee is security software that is designed with a lot of features and advanced techniques, the software is known in the market for its efficient performance against all malware, spyware Trojans and viral attacks.

Nowadays, as the technology has become advanced and also the features are very well updated and therefore it becomes a problem for the user to get the antivirus back to normal working if due to some reason the software ever gets stuck into any sort of technical error or issue.

Technical products like this can easily get into any sort of technical issue such as installation can be tricky or the uninstalling process can also become a problem or the virus scan or removal can be tricky. If in case you need to get any such issue resolved in order to get the software working smooth.
Here in this blog we will mainly discuss how a user can identify that his or her McAfee has expired and then further we will talk about how a user can get the antivirus subscription renewed.

If you need to check if the antivirus is expired or not then for that first of all see to it that the system is showing accurate date and time on the desktop. Then for checking the expiry date of your McAfee antivirus plan go to the McAfee program window and you will get to see the date there.

If in case you need to renew your McAfee antivirus then in that case it is advisable that you follow the below given steps-

·         First of all log in your McAfee account
·         Then as the “my account” page opens then select “my account” and click “subscriptions”
·         Then click the option “all expired” in order to see the list of expired subscriptions
·         Click on the subscription that is to be renewed.
For any further information related to the subscription process of McAfee connect with the technical expert and get answers to all your queries. The technicians sitting at the help desk are available 24*7 and are specially trained for handling issues and errors related to McAfee.


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